iShares Euro High Yield Corporate Bond UCITS ETF (IHYG)

iShares Markit iBoxx Euro High Yield Bond UCITS ETF is an exchange traded fund (ETF) that aims to track the performance of the Markit iBoxx EUR Liquid High Yield Index as closely as possible. The ETF invests in physical index securities. The Markit iBoxx EUR Liquid High Yield Index comprises the largest and most liquid fixed and floating rate sub-investment grade corporate bonds issued by both Eurozone and non-Eurozone issuers. Only euro denominated bonds with a minimum amount outstanding of €250 million are included in the index. New bonds that are considered for inclusion in the index must have a minimum maturity of 2 years and a maximum of 10.5 years. Bonds already included in the index are not subject to a minimum time to maturity rule and remain in the index until they mature provided that they fulfil the other selection criteria. For diversification purposes the weight of each issuer and country in the index is capped at 3% and 20% respectively. All bonds in the index must be rated sub-investment grade according to the methodology used by the index provider. If any bond becomes investment grade according to the methodology, or if Fitch, Moody's or S&P rate a bond as CC or lower, the bond will be removed from the index at the next rebalancing. iShares ETFs are funds managed by BlackRock. They are transparent, cost-efficient, liquid vehicles that trade on stock exchanges like normal securities. iShares ETFs offer flexible and easy access to a wide range of markets and asset classes.

  • Please note that the data on this page uses the following information to define the results:

    Currency : EUR
  • Key Facts

    Domicile Irish
    UCITS Compliant Yes
    Ticker IHYG
    Asset Class Fixed Income
    Currency Hedged No
    Expense Ratio (TER) % 0.5%
    Securities Lending Return* (31/12/13) 0.11%
    Base Currency EUR
    Inception Date 03/09/10
    Rebalance Frequency Monthly
    Product Structure Physical
    Product Methodology Sampled
    Distribution Frequency Semi Annually
    Use of Income Distributing
    Moody's Rating N/A  N/A
  • Product Details

    Fund Manager BlackRock Asset Management Ireland Limited
    Issuing Company iShares plc
    Administrator State Street Fund Services (Ireland) Limited
    Custodian State Street Custodial Services (Ireland) Limited
    Product Licenser Markit iBoxx
    Futures Available No
    Options Available No
    Entry Fees No
    Exit Fees No
    Performance Fees No
    ISA Yes
    SIPP Yes
    UK Distributor/Reporting Status No/Yes
    Minimum Purchase 1 Share
  • Benchmark Information

    Benchmark Name Markit iBoxx Euro Liquid High Yield Index
    Benchmark Provider iBoxx
    Benchmark Currency EUR
    Benchmark Level Type Gross Total Return
    Rebalance Frequency Monthly
    Bloomberg Total Return Index Ticker IBOXXMJA
    Bloomberg Price Index Ticker IBOXXMCA
    Reuters Price Index Ticker .IBOXXMJA
    Reuters Total Return Index Ticker .IBOXXMCA
  • Fixed Income Information

    No. of Holdings 408
    Maturity (years) 4.01
    Coupon (%) 6.24
    Modified Duration 2.49
    Convexity (Average) 0.0200
  • Performance Chart

    Currency: EUR
  • Yield Information

    Distribution Frequency Semi Annually
    Use of Income Distributing
    Fiscal Year End 28/02/15
    Date of Financial Year-End-Distribution
    Currency EUR
    Flat Yield (%) 5.85% (EUR)
    Yield to Maturity (%) 4.01% (EUR)
    Distribution Yield 5.93% (EUR)
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  • London Stock Exchange

    Product Identifiers

    ISIN IE00B66F4759
    SEDOL B66F475
    Bloomberg Code IHYG LN
    Bloomberg iNAV INAVHYGE
  • London Stock Exchange

    Exchange Information

    Product Ticker IHYG
    Product Currency on Exchange EUR
    Initial Listing Date 06/09/10

    On Exchange Market Makers

    Susquehanna International Securities
  • Registered Countries

    Austria Luxembourg
    Belgium Netherlands
    Denmark Norway
    Finland Portugal
    France Spain
    Germany Sweden
    Ireland Switzerland
    Italy United Kingdom

* Annualised Securities Lending Return is calculated using unaudited 12 month net securities lending revenues to the fund divided by the average NAV of the fund over the same period. 60% of all securities lending revenues are paid directly into the fund, with BlackRock receiving 40% compensation which covers all operational costs. BlackRock’s policy is to disclose performance information quarterly subject to a one-month delay. This means that returns from 01 January 2011 to 31 December 2011 can be publicly disclosed from 01 February 2012. Annualised Securities Lending Return will not be displayed for the funds that have participated in securities lending for less than 12 months.

As with other investments, investors should be aware that the price of your investment (which may trade in limited markets) may go down as well as up and you may not get back the amount you invested. In addition your income is not fixed and may fluctuate. Investors are advised to seek the advice of an independent financial advisor in assessing the suitability of iShares as an investment.

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