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    iShares delivers quality products that can help you navigate today's volatile markets

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    As your partner, iShares helps you execute investment ideas with insights and support

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    iShares is an industry leader in making investing clear, fair, and efficient for you

Minimum Volatility ETFs

Providing an innovative way to access four major stock markets with less of the associated risk. To learn more, download our Investor Guide to Minimum Volatility ETFs or watch the video.

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Every market is unique. That’s why there’s iShares.

As of 1 July, iShares acquired the Credit Suisse Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) business, adding more ETFs to our existing range. Which means with iShares you have one of the widest choice of ETFs, all supported by our unparalleled expertise.

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Every investor is unique. 

That’s why there’s iShares.

More investors entrust more of their money to iShares than any other ETF provider.

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  • Stock market access aiming for lower risk

    iShares offers four ETFs that track indices designed to provide lower risk alternatives to major stock market indices. So you can invest with a little more confidence. Find out more.

  • Investor Guide to ETFs

    This guide has been designed to help you discover more about the benefits of using ETFs and how they can form a key part of your investment portfolio.

  • How to buy iShares

    iShares ETFs can be bought and sold through a variety of different channels. Click here for more information.

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